Days 5 – 10

I will start off with my numbers because I believe they are quite impressive.  The product is working like it should.

At the beginning of Day 10, I have lost 7.8 pounds, 3 inches in my bust, 3 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips 4 inches in my right thigh.  Total weight loss since my gorge days is 10.4.

Now for the actual plan…the eating is nothing to be desired.  I mean there is only so much lettuce and fat free dressing one can eat.  In a typical day I eat a cup of strawberries for breakfast, 1/2 apple and gluten free pretzels for a snack, 3.5 oz. of chicken, steak, tilapia, or orange roughy for lunch with spinach, red onion and fat free dressing, 4 celery sticks and gluten free pretzels or an apple for a snack and for dinner 3.5 oz. of chicken, steak, tilapia, or orange roughy with salad greens and fat free dressing.  

I love the fruit, those are always easy to eat…the choice of veggies on the other hand is tough.  I miss green beans and colored peppers.  

So now onto my cheats…I do have to say I have not been perfect since I last wrote.  The first 4 days I was spot on..days 5 – 10, I have had a few cheats.  On my grandpa’s 92nd birthday I licked off the knife after cutting everyone else a piece of cake, and a small bite of ice cream fell on the counter so I had that too.  And today I had a sip of my husband’s coffee..Oh how I miss my coffee and cream so much.  I also had 5 greek yogurt balls and a about 7 round corn chips.  Oh and I just read today that you are not supposed to have gum and I bought sugar free gum last week and have had a lot of that.

Even with my cheats..I am happy with my results.  I don’t think they would be much different if I didn’t have them.

One thing I have found I love is gluten free pretzels.  They are way better than non gluten free pretzels and probably something I will always have on hand in my home.

I am still quite tired, but have not been feeling the greatest the last couple of the days.  The flu has been going through my family so that could be why.  

Tomorrow will pose a challenge as I am going out of town all day.  I will pack a day’s worth of food. And on Sunday my son is getting dedicated and we are having brunch at my house after.  I have decided that I am going to enjoy the brunch, but just eat less than half of what everyone else does.  If that means I have to do 41 days of the plan then so be it.  

Until next time…


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