Days 2-4

I am four days into Nutri Hcg and as far as the plan goes, I am spot on.   Day 2 was another day of gorging.  Caramel rolls, pizza, a double bacon cheeseburger, fresh cut chips, and ice cream. I had to eat so much that although I like all the foods I ate, eating them all in one day was not enjoyable at all. I couldn’t help but think that there are people out there who eat like this every day.  Ugh…I had to do it for two days and felt full, disgusted, tired and sluggish. I am not going to say I will never eat any of those foods again, but not all in one day!

Moving on to the start of the actual eating plan…I have two days under my belt and this plan is all about clean eating.  No gluten, no sugar, no dairy.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and 3.5 oz of either top sirloin, chicken, shrimp or fish like Tilapia or Orange Roughy.  The total calorie amount is about 500-600 calories a day.  

Since I am only 2 days into eating clean, I am experiencing some classic detox and caffeine withdrawal symptoms.  I have been really tired and have taken a nap both days when my son has napped.  I have also had a 2 day constant headache.  Both of these symptoms were expected and hopefully do not last much longer.  Other than that, there was one point my first day of eating clean that I felt light headed while vacuuming but didn’t last long.

I do have to say that I have not felt overly hungry.  There have been a couple times where I knew I needed to eat my next meal, but I guess I thought I would be hungry more often since I am cutting my calories by almost 1,000 calories a day.

I will never actually tell you how much I weigh, but I will let you know numbers as time goes on.  After 3 days this is where I am at….(today is not counted in the numbers since I weigh in the morning.)

Over the course of the 2 day gorge period, I gained 2.6 pounds.  With one day of eating clean, I lost 3.2 pounds which means I am under my starting weight by 0.6 pounds.  I would call that a successful first few days!

Until next time,




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